English as a foreign language

I am a CELTA qualified EFL teacher. I studied for my qualification whilst living in Vienna. I taught adults mainly Business English for a variety of different companies from Bank Austria to OMV. When I returned to the UK i was fortunate to find work teaching adults who came over to UK for  immersion training. I taught a combination of general and business English.

My speciality is to teach a bespoke teaching package. I won’t use a text book – I will put together a training programme which meets your specific needs. This is best done 1 to 1 but can also be done in small groups.

I also enjoy a more informal style of teaching via a conversation class  – small groups of around 8 people in an informal setting – a cafe or at my home. I will work together with you to put together a programme of classes covering different topics for example  food and wine or maybe language for buying/selling a property. I’ll use a board for discussing teaching points but there’ll be no worksheets & no homework!

If you are interested in finding out more please contact me on 0621703786 or email amandapricekirby@yahoo.co.uk