My kitchen workout!

It can be hard to stay fit over the summer. Even though the weather is better (or should be!), school holidays and a general lack of routine can interfere with your fitness schedule. As an expat I know that many families spend weeks away from home living out of suitcases while staying with friends & family. This is not conducive to maintaining a regular work out schedule. Exercise classes cease during the school holidays and it can be hard to find the motivation to workout on your own. Even when you are actually on holiday, it is easy to find excuses not to exercise – too hot; too busy; or “I’m on holiday”etc.!

For my own benefit as well as yours, I have put together a short exercise routine which requires no equipment – you can do it in your kitchen or anywhere else for that matter. With a 3 minute warm up it takes 10 minutes; add in another set of each exercise (their are 10) and it will take 17 minutes … not much time at all even when you are busy lying by the pool. It won’t make you super fit but if you have moderate fitness it will help you keep your hand in over the summer – try to do it 3/4 times week & find time for some active walking as well.

My kitchen workout!

Warm up 3 minutes – walking or running on the spot with arm rotations & /or lateral and front raises; shallow squats with arm rotations; arm punches with heel to gum kicks.

  1. squats x10
  2. Forward lunge x 10 each leg
  3. Wall squat 30 second (or more if you can!)
  4. Backwards lunge x 10 each leg
  5. Side bends x 10 each side
  6. Press ups x 10 ( use a wall,work surface, stool or if you’re feeling strong the floor)
  7. Triceps dips x 10 (use a sturdy chair)
  8. Knee to elbow with squat x 20 i.e. 10 each alternate side – squat then on the rise lift knee towards elbow
  9. Full plank 30 seconds +
  10. Mountain climbers 30 seconds (or until exhaustion!)

Repeat! x1 x2 …

Tips; don’t forget your posture – lift your rib cage, engage your abs, look straight ahead; drink some water but try not to stop between each exercise; take a minute at the end of each set if you need to.

Don’t forget to spend a couple of minutes stretching afterwards.


By APK Training

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