Thames Path Challenge

On 13th September I am Nordic Walking 50km along the Thames Path. I am doing it with my eldest son, Haydn. We are raising money for the UCL Amyloidosis Research Fund because we want to help raise the profiles of both the Charity and the disease itself. Amyloidosis is a rare and life-threatening disease caused by abnormal deposition and accumulation of proteins in the tissues of the body. Early diagnosis is essential. Unfortunately, the disease is often misdiagnosed or diagnosed too late.

My brother, Haydn’s uncle, Jeremy, died of Amyloidosis in March this year. He lived in Germany (with his wife and 3 young children) so although his treatment took place at the Amyloidosis Centre in Heidelburg, he did visit the Royal Free Hospital last summer for tests and advice on his next course of treatment. Ironically, the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead is the hospital he was born in 53 years earlier. Any advances in the research of Amyloidosis will benefit sufferers worldwide.

Here is the link to my Just Giving page.

I also attach a link to the UCL Amyloidosis Research web page in case you would like to find out more.

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