How to thrive in midlife and beyond!

  • Are you in midlife and feel as though you are merely surviving not thriving?
  • Would you love to ditch the endless cycle of diets and learn to enjoy your food and love your body?
  • Do you lack energy and feel as though you can’t do the things you would like to be doing?
  • Perhaps you are a woman who is struggling with peri menopausal or menopausal symptoms? 

Midlife should be an exciting time of our lives. We have a lot to look forward. Our children, if we have them, are growing up: we are hopefully financially better off than when we were in our 20’s; we should be able to look forward to a long and happy retirement when we will be able to achieve those things we put off doing now because life is too busy.

However, for many people, men and women, midlife can be a struggle particularly at the moment. Many of us have aged parents and teenagers or student aged children; our jobs are demanding; our diets are poor and we never find time for exercise let alone any self-care. All this means there is a lot of stress in our lives and this can manifest itself in our bodies in a number of ways – headaches, excess weight; gastro-intestinal problems; anxiety, lack of focus, etc

If you can relate to any of this and would like to do something about your health today, then please call or email me to arrange a chat.


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